Wisconsin Microfinance has continually been growing and making connections across the state. Hear what others in our community have shared about us!

TEDx Talk

Listen to the talk given by the founder of Wisconsin Microfinance, Tom Eggert, at TEDx Madison, an independently organized event using the TED conference format. 

Here he shares about the power of microfinance and the potential it has for uplifting the developing world.

"There's certainly a role for aid, especially in a time of crisis, but aid will never help people in poverty lift themselves out of poverty."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

This article titled "Wisconsin Microfinance Program Offers Hope Amid Devastation" wonderfully recollects how Wisconsin Microfinance formed following the Haitian Earthquake in 2010.

"The earthquake killed more than 160,000, damaged tens of thousands of buildings and displaced more than 1 million."

Together, individuals at UW Madison created a sustainable solution.

The Field Guide

Read our story in the Field Guide titled "The Regenerative Qualities of Wisconsin Microfinance."

"Our goal is not only to show from the financial perspective that people pay back these loans but that those loans are making a difference in the lives of the people we lend to."

Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin Microfinance held an event during Forward Fest, an 8-day long program focused on entrepreneurship. We were featured as one of the new events during the 2016 celebration. As a new event in 2016, we were featured