Wisconsin Microfinance 2022 Ghanaian Epicurean Evening

Please join us to experience a Ghanaian Epicurean Evening as we celebrate the opportunity to once again gather in person. Chef Sean Fogarty has designed 4 courses to showcase the best of Ghanaian food and drink and to celebrate our newest program.


Wisconsin Microfinance Ghanaian Epicurean Evening

Red Snapper Fante Fante with Kenkey and a Lamugin Cocktail
Grilled Mackerel Gari Fotor with Tomato and Scotch Bonnet and a Sobolo Cocktail
BBQ Goat Jollof with Fried Plantain and Shito Sauce and an Alomo Cocktail
Toogbei with Guava Jelly and Atadwe

This menu was designed expressly for our event, and will not be offered in the restaurant again, so this truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sample an African cuisine.
During the evening, you’ll also be introduced to our new partners in the Dominican Republic and Ghana, and hear from our existing partners in the Philippines and Haiti.

Having survived the pandemic, we very much want to share stories, successes and new opportunities with our donors and friends. It’s one thing to read about what’s happening with Wisconsin Microfinance, but we miss the opportunity to interact with our supporters. We hope you feel the same.

Tickets are again $100/person and tables can also be reserved. There are only a limited number of tickets available to ensure a more intimate atmosphere and design an opportunity to interact. If you are interested in creating the opportunity for students to attend, sponsorship opportunities are available. In exchange for becoming a sponsor, we’ll recognize you or your organization on our webpage, and at the event.

We look forward to seeing you at 6 pm on December 1st at Steenbock’s. Any questions can be directed to Tom Eggert at [email protected].


December 1st, 2022 at 6:00 PM
Steenbock’s on Orchard
Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
Madison, WI

Can't make the event? Here are other ways to support us:


Donate directly to our new loan programs

The need for microfinance is greater than ever, and Wisconsin Microfinance is creating more opportunities for microloans than ever before. Help us meet our goals in raising starting capital in both Ghana and the Dominican Republic for our new loan programs.

Sponsor a pair of students to attend the event

Students help drive our organization forward with passion and fresh perspectives. Help us bring these student perspectives to the event by sponsoring a pair of student tickets.


More about our Ghana program

Our first program on the African continent is in Ghana.  Ghana is situated on the west coast of Africa, between Togo and Cote d’Ivoire. In 2021, 3.4 million citizens of Ghana were classified as living in extreme poverty, living on less than $2 a day. Poverty remains especially pervasive in rural areas, which suffer more during droughts and floods and have poor access to transportation, markets, and healthcare.

Wisconsin Microfinance is excited to work with We R uS, a non-profit created to support economic development in rural, traditional communities in Ghana. By working with community leaders, We R uS aims to support local economic development efforts.

Wisconsin Microfinance will work with We R uS in the community of Goma Assin Mampong, which is located in the central region of Ghana, about 30 miles from Accra. The community is an agricultural community, with 75% of the population engaged in growing crops or raising animals, mainly poultry, pigs and some sheep and goats. The community in Gomoa Assin Mampong is small, perfect for piloting a microfinance program in Ghana.  60% of the population is female, making our focus on empowering female entrepreneurs a natural fit.

Click here to learn more about our Ghana program.

Ghana woman and child

More about our Dominican Republic program

The Dominican Republic is a Spanish-speaking nation located on the eastern portion of the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean. The western side of Hispaniola is the country of Haiti.  As of 2020, 40.4% of the Dominican population was living in poverty, with 10.4% living in extreme poverty.

Our partner in the DR is Fundación Centro Cultural Guanín (Fundación Guanín) which was founded by Elias Severino Hernández (Sev) in 2001.  Their mission is to “cultivate a community of leaders and role models for generations to come”.  Sev has a long-standing relationship with Wisconsin Microfinance board member Joe Bonnell, and under Joe’s leadership, Sev agreed to create a microfinance program for members of the La Piedra community.

Female employment was dramatically impacted by COVID and little progress has been seen in job creation for women. As the pandemic recedes, providing access to capital will be vital to the DR’s continued development. The 2020 Human Capital Index estimates that a child born in the DR today will be only half as productive over her lifetime as she would have been had she received a complete education and proper healthcare. The DR has made great strides in expanding access to education and healthcare, but the uneven quality of these services remains a major obstacle to broad-based economic growth and human capital development.

Click here to learn more about our Dominican Republic program.

Dominican Republic woman