Microfinance is our tool of choice

At Wisconsin Microfinance we believe that the answer to alleviating poverty is through helping people find work.

Aid creates dependency and is not sustainable, further contributing to economic disparities. For people, communities, and countries to rise out of poverty, change needs to be sustainable. Microfinance includes providing small loans to individuals or to groups of people that do not generally have access to capital. We provide loans of $50 to $150 to the borrowers in our programs. With these loans, our borrowers can start a business, earn a stable income, and uplift themselves and their families for the long term.

Offering Sustainable Opportunities

In the developing world, especially areas where homes, roads, and entire cities have been destroyed, access to capital is constrained. There is virtually no opportunity for people to better their situations. However, in the developing world, studies indicate that over 70% of people express interest in starting their own business, compared to about 15% in the United States.

Empowering Communities

Poverty is something that cannot be fixed by short-term aid and circumstantial solutions. Creating growth through businesses from within communities and empowering the individuals to take control of their lives creates a path out of poverty.