The Philippines Initiative 2

Typhoon Yolanda (known internationally as Typhoon Haiyan) caused widespread devastation in the central Philippines in November 2013. It is the deadliest typhoon on record, killing more than 6,300 people and injuring more than 30,000 others, according to the 17 April 2014 report from the National Risk Reduction and Management Council of the Philippines . Yolanda damaged buildings and roads, caused power and water outages, and left many people homeless. Over one million homes were affected, roughly half totally destroyed.

In the immediate aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda, many families struggled to find shelter, food, water and medicine. Aid organizations have been instrumental in addressing these short-term challenges. However, the challenge of how to rebuild lives remains.

Wisconsin Microfinance is working with Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to provide funds for microloans to people who lost their livelihoods. These microloans will be distributed by VICTO, a well-know cooperative in the central Visayas region. By improving access to capital, Filipinos will have the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives and livelihoods.

You can help by donating to provide funds for these microloans for those affected by Typhoon Yolanda. Donate through the buttons above.