New Member Introduction – Meet Cassidy Fish!

April 23, 2024

I have recently joined the team at Wisconsin Microfinance as the Admin/Marketing Assistant. I am currently a student at UW Madison majoring in Economics, International Studies, and French. My work at Wisconsin Microfinance allows me to pursue my passion for understanding cultures around the world. My dream is to help the women in the communities within Wisconsin Microfinance to become empowered and lift their families out of poverty. 

Here at UW Madison, I am participating in Amnesty International where I advocate for women’s rights locally and internationally. We create social media campaigns and sign petitions to spread awareness for women’s rights. By giving a voice to women’s stories we help build global equity. In my free time, I enjoy singing, running, and traveling. 

As I have learned more about microfinance, I found that it is a great way to help individuals without access to a banking system. By helping just one individual in effect we help the entire community. With this, it is important to allow borrowers the pride that comes from assuming responsibility for improving their lives. In addition, microfinance allows families in developing countries to build wealth that can be transferred across generations.

By increasing the visibility of Wisconsin Microfinance, I hope to inspire others to join in making a difference in the Philippines, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Islamabad. I will be exploring the use of artificial intelligence to create monthly newsletters and regular blog posts. Here we will share our accomplishments and the success of our borrowers. I am very excited to share my interest in microfinance and the astounding tool it provides for economic development. And most of all, I am very excited to be a part of an organization that cares so deeply about people all around the world.