New Member Introduction: Evan Lory

January 31, 2023

Hi, I’m Evan Lory a junior at Waunakee High School outside Madison. I am part of the Dane County Youth Apprenticeship Program which coordinates opportunities for high school students seeking hands on experiences with a local organization. Apparently, I’m one of the first students to request placement with a non-profit, and it took a bit of finagling to get my apprenticeship approved. I’m excited to learn more about microfinance, to learn about fundraising and recordkeeping, and to better understand the lives of those living below the poverty line. Another benefit is that I hope to learn more about business accounting, especially as it relates to tracking the performance of the loans we fund.

Why am I here? I am partnering with Wisconsin Microfinance both to learn about finance but also to be involved with an organization the leads from the heart. Getting work experience in finance, accounting, and management would position me so well for whatever the future brings. In addition, I want to provide an opportunity to people in other countries to improve the lives of their families and their communities. Whether it is fundraising through high school or helping market Wisconsin microfinance, I believe that this apprenticeship will benefit both myself and the organization.

Being involved and engaged in the high school community will give me a unique chance to work with high school clubs on fundraising opportunities and to raise awareness regarding the unique challenges that are faced by loan recipients. I have the opportunity to start a new club at the high school and have already recruited some of my friends to join. I’d like to make the subject of microfinance understandable and urgent for other high school students. In addition, I’ll be joining my family in a visit to the Dominican Republic in March to see the impact of these loans first-hand. I hope to be able to raise money for additional loans while also fulfilling my dream of seeing the dollars raised by Wisconsin Microfinance in action. Another one of my dreams is to attend the University of Wisconsin which is where this program was founded. I am hoping to be able to get started with this experience by learning more about the world of finance and accounting. Wisconsin Microfinance will provide me with a unique opportunity to learn more about this industry and about myself.

Overall, this apprenticeship has been nothing short of great for me. The lengths Tom and the school’s program have gone for me has been so gratifying. Wisconsin Microfinance advertises that it was formed out of disaster and has thrived through adversity these last several years. The can-do attitude that the organization demonstrated in bringing me aboard should be a model for all organizations. To anyone that would consider doing an apprenticeship, I would 100% recommend Wisconsin Microfinance.