This Holiday Season

November 29, 2018

Each and every year it rolls around…the Holiday Season. Some of us dread it, while some of us couldn’t be more excited for it’s arrival. A time for family, friends, giving and love, can often turn into a time of stress and anxiety. We’ve all seen Holiday movies countless times, stories of children who learn to leave their greed in the past and have a cliché moment of understanding what this time of year is truly about. Many of us have grown up lucky enough to spend season with our families, remembering to value time together and appreciate all that we have surrounding us. I can admit, it feels pretty good to be blessed enough to be able to appreciate these moments. But something I have been thinking about a lot recently is how difficult this time of year can be for those who aren’t nearly as blessed, who may have each other, but not much else.

If there’s anything I’ve learned as I’ve grown older, it’s that the simple idea of giving is so much more rewarding, fulfilling, and all around enjoyable than receiving. I’m lucky enough to have had this realization because of the world I was born into, and I think it’s important to use this privilege to transfer the incredible feeling of giving to those deserving of a gift. Through my work with Wisconsin Microfinance I have developed a new appreciation for individuals in difficult positions who use every resource they can to get themselves back on their feet. One of the reasons donating to Wisconsin Microfinance is so completely fulfilling is the fact that a simple donation of $50 has the potential to change the life of a Haitian or Filipino small business owner working hard to better their life. Knowing you have helped a hard working individual who just needed an extra push is a feeling like no other. It’s an easy and assured way to send the feeling of giving to someone who truly deserves a gift.

For this reason, we will soon begin our End of the Year Drive. This is our one final push for donations in the 2018 year. We hope that you feel compelled to support our cause, to give determined individuals that one final resource they need to finally accomplish their goal. After all, this is what the Holiday season is all about.