Stories from the Phillipines

June 11, 2022

At Wisconsin Microfinance, we pay a lot of attention to numbers. Everything we do supports and empowers loan recipients  in Haiti and the Philippines.  Often, we feel that the best way to measure our success is using the data we’ve collected: what percentage of our partners are repaying their loans, how much funding we are comfortable providing to a program, how much loans are mad in each area. It is so easy to become fixated on these numbers, and while they are an important measure of our success in these countries, they do not show the whole picture. Equally important are the inspiring stories of the amazing people we’ve helped.

Jessica Basil ran a sari-sari (convenience) store in the Philippines and supported her 5 children.  But when the 2013 earthquake hit her town of Sagbayan (on the island of Bohol), her store and home were completely destroyed, and she was unable to continue her business.

For 2 years, Jessica and her husband saved and worked to rebuild their store. When they were finally finished, Jessica lacked the money to purchase inventory for her store. In 2015, Jessica’s husband learned of the Wisconsin Microfinance program through acquaintances who worked at the Carmen Multi-Purpose Cooperative. Jessica decided to travel the 15 kilometers from Sagbayan to Carmen and apply for her very first loan. And when Wisconsin Microfinance accepted her application, she was finally able to purchase the inventory for her store and restart her business with the new capital. 

Having a second income again has made all the difference for Jessica and her family. Thanks to the income generated from the store, Jessica has been able to improve her family’s quality of life. Her economic success, which started with donations made to Wisconsin Microfinance, has helped pull Jessica and her family out of hardship and provided them hope for the future.

Stories like Jessica’s demonstrate the impact we have with individual families.  And studies show that as families become more successful, their communities thrive, Jessica, along with our hundreds of other loan recipients are being given the opportunity to reshape their lives through donations from everyday people like you.

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